Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What do you think?

Ok, what do you think?!  Isn't it cute?! is cute! (insert bossy, determined girlfriend ;)  I can't believe I found a dress!  I love dresses, but here lately designers and the people who order dresses for the mall have lost their freakin minds with the styles thats been coming out.  Let's just say that some trends need to be left in the past!

Anyways, I've been needing a dress just cause and also for engagement photos.  This dress is so comfy and figure flattering!  The pockets are a nice touch.  I will have to have a seamstress work on the shoulder straps because they're just a little loose.  But if I had good posture like I had in college lol I probably wouldn't have that little issue.  That and maybe a little bigger bust to fill out the pleats.  BUT, overall this is a great, cute, and comfy summer dress.

And so I don't infringe on the copyright law, this pic is from Belk's website.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just disappointed

What else can I say?  Talking to wall is more productive than talking to my sister.  So, we had this huge blow-up about the shoes I want her to wear for my wedding.  FYI, it's not a particular shoe, just has to be a black, closed toe, high-heel, without adornments.  She wants to wear a peep-toe.  I know, I know.  You're asking what's the big deal...I get it.  LoL  Here's her argument:  she doesn't like that style shoe, the peep fits her personality, she'll actually wear her shoe again, and "it's just a shoe".  And mine is:  I want everyone to wear the same style shoe, I will be wearing something similar, it's classic so it can be worn again, goes with the motif, ours is a Fall wedding, and since it is our wedding shouldn't we (fiance and I) decide what everyone will wear?

The real issue I have is I did everything I could to make sure she would get her way with her wedding.  When ever we did anything or she asked my opinion, I would always tell her "this what I think, but this is your wedding, what do you want?".  She had a few problems with one girl in her wedding b/c she complained about the dress and the shoes.  I feel like my sis is now that girl.  She has complained about the date, the dress, the shoes, the dress I picked for the bridesmaids, even complained that I shouldn't be getting married so soon.  Everyone seems to give in to her and I'm not doing it; not this time.

Anyways, our big argument ended with me telling her she can either wear the shoes I want or she can't be the Maid of Honor.  We haven't spoken in well over a week and she calls out of the blue the other day to ask about planning the Bridal Shower.  I'm like, whoa, did she finally come around?!  She didn't feel like chatting so I didn't get far in our conversation.  What I did put out there, didn't do anything to change her mind.  Yeah, when you try to talk to my sister, you'll get one of four responses:
  1. I'm busy, can't talk
  2. I don't feel good, can't talk
  3. I'm sleeping, can't talk
  4. I'm playing WoW/watching TV, can't talk

Like I said in a previous post, I should be enjoying at least some of this (wedding planning)...and I'm not.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The decision was made for me...kind of

Well, there's no need to worry about which job to go with.  Nope.  I got the call from Vancleave and the principal said at this time he is prepared to give the position to another applicant...sigh.  So, I called the principal at my (I guess) former school and told him I would like to be considered for the English position and e-mailed H.R. to let them know.  Then it was off to my dentist appt.

I leave the dentist office (cavity free, btw) and notice I had a missed call from him.  He precedes to tell me to ignore the e-mail sent from H.R., that H.R. and the School Board doesn't know what the high school needs in way of number of teachers.  I'm  Well, it would seem the H.R. lady e-mails me back stating there is no longer an English position available stating the School Board is not hiring anyone until the budgetary issues are resolved...(again) sigh.

So, it probably won't be until almost the end of the month until I know something definite.  I'm going up to the school tomorrow to have a better talk with the principal.  I'm so nervous about being unemployed.  I don't think I can make it living with my mom or sister!!!  (They've both offered to let me stay with them if things don't work out here) 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My nerves are shot!

Omg!  Okay!  LoL  Well, I'm down to the wire.  I have to make a decision tomorrow about a job.  I should hear from the Vancleave H.S. principal by lunch tomorrow.  I also have to notify hr at my previous school district about the English position offered.  Believe it or not, this is a tough decision.  Here's the break down:

New Library Job:
  • is farther away (30 min commute)
  • library position
  • awesome school
  • higher expectations of the library
English Position:
  • same school (10 min commute)
  • 11th grade English (if they don't screw me and give me 9th)
  • um...well, it's the same school  LoL
  • new challenge as this will be my first teaching position
What to do, what to do?  Oh, and I have a dentist appt. tomorrow :/  Hope I've flossed enough!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Is it just me, or are the walls closing in?

It's only 3:30pm and today has done me in.  Maybe I'm pms-ing (I hate that excuse, but if it fits...) or just overwhelmed with wedding planning or what, but right now, I feel like doing one to three things:
  1. begin hyperventilating
  2. curl back up in bed and pretend I don't have a wedding to plan
  3. raid some dungeons in Oblivion, taking my frustrations out on the NPCs
I'm really excited about being married.  I never really thought family was in the cards for me.  But from the beginning I feel like I've had more than enough speed bumps for my tastes.  If it's not my sister (and maid of honor) complaining about all my decisions, or the lackluster proposal, or planning a wedding with the groom three timezones away, then it's the feeling of having to rush through all the planning since we gave ourselves less than a year (the proposal had to be put off for various reasons).

I'm tired of the only time I have felt special is when I was trying on wedding gowns.  Maybe it's stupid to say, maybe wedding planning is supposed to be all stress, but I at least thought more of it would feel...special.  Either I'm down all the time or stressed all the time.  I'm just really grateful for my mom being willing to help when I ask.  I don't think I'd be as far as I am without her support.  Idk...maybe I'm just making too much of it...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pick-A-Pet photo contest

Back in April, I entered Sophie in the MS Press Newspaper's Pick-A-Pet photo contest. The contest is to support Newspaper's in Education (NIE). NIE provides free classroom set newspapers to local MS schools.

What do you think of the picture I entered? I had so many to choose from, but this was the most recent and I think she looks too cute in her Saints dress :)

If you would like to vote, you can find and print out the ballot here. And you can view all the contestants here (Sophie is on page 8 ;).

Voting can be done in two ways. Each person is allowed 5 free votes. Each vote must be on it's own ballot and you are allowed one free vote per day (not to exceed 5 free votes total). Or you can give a monetary donation. Each $0.25 of your donation is counted as one vote (ex: a $5.00 donation equals 20 votes).

While I don't think Sophie will win, I'm so glad I entered her in the contest! Oh! The pet who wins the contest will get a photo session and their picture will be in NIE newspaper for a year.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Life changes

Seems like I have a tendency to start my posts off with some version of "So much has been going on" LoL May has been a roller coaster of a month for me, with the big uphill struggle being loosing my job. There's this policy at our district (as well as many others, to be sure) called Reduction in Force (RIF). Basically, my position was terminated due to the budget and it no longer being necessary because the high school where I worked employed two full-time librarians and now the District has decided that only one is needed.

I had my hearing today...this morning...omg! First that started an hour late! I especially upset because the people who showed up to be my witnesses had waste all that time just standing around. Though I must admit, it was a boon for me because I know I couldn't have sat there as calm as I did without them! In all, I think the hearing went...ok...I wasn't expecting things to go the way the did, but then I didn't know what to expect at all. It was definitely scary and at the end, very emotional. I'll admit it, I had to excuse myself for a min or two :p I won't know anything until the next school board meeting...which could be in 30 days. All my friends have been very supportive and positive, but times I feel like I've run out of steam. This was just a low blow for me. I understand the budget is the basis for my termination, but I can't help but take things personally because of how much work, time, and effort I've put into my job.

But, I'm a firm believer in all things happening for a reason even if we can't clearly see it at the moment. I wasn't expecting to stay at MPHS as long as I did (5 years), but I'm certainly glad I did. I've helped graduate some of the best students I have ever known and, I think, helped to make a positive impact on the school.

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