Wednesday, September 1, 2010

30 and counting

Well, as of Aug. 25 I was officially done with my 20's. I think I had a harder time turning 25 than I did 30! LoL My sister and I (we're twins) had a nice time out. Mom brought us both two bouquets of flowers and took us to dinner. The following weekend, my sister's husband threw us a surprise birthday party. It was more for her, but it was still nice :) I was able to bring Sophie with me and she had a blast so that made the whole affair that much more fun!

When I turned 25, I reflected on my life up until then and really didn't like what I saw. My life had become stagnant, unchanging, monotonous. This year, I feel as though I have been given a new start. There are many changes that will be coming and while I'm excited, I'm still a little hesitant. Maybe being in such a constant routine makes me a little wary of my life drastically changing, but I think it will all be for the best :) I know my immediate family isn't too keen on how things will change and that does make it hard for me. I'm the type of person who wants those around me to be happy first and then I'll take care of me. It's been difficult putting my wants before theirs but I'm curious to see what changes may come and if I give in then I may miss out on something great! It's funny how I've heard more about what they feel and think than they've asked me what I think and feel.

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