Monday, January 18, 2010

Sophie's surgery adventure

Well, today Sophie got spayed...among other things. Things never seem to go as simple as we think they should!

While discussing what would be done with the Vet. tech before surgery, she suggested getting Sophie microchiped (which is something we wanted) since she'll be asleep and the 18-gage needle won't cause her any undue discomfort.

The Vet. made sure her lungs were clear and breathing strong since she has a coughing problem. which everything was. She had some blood work done which was all clear.

So, when we get there I'm told she's going to need her Bortella shot, that the clinic requires all their patients to receive the vaccine. Which is fine since it helps protect the dog from certain illnesses they can pick up while being boarded.

After that, it was time for surgery. The Vet. called me to inform me that some of her baby teeth hadn't fallen out and the permanent teeth had already come in. She recommends getting them pulled to prevent any tooth decay or gum disease. Since they weren't going to fall out on their own, we agreed it was the best thing to do. Gary and I had both noticed that some hadn't fallen out.

At first Sophie was going to have to spend the night at the clinic, but since she was alert and moving around, we were able to bring her home this evening. Poor thing is sore on both ends, but nothing some pain meds won't fix! Every procedure went well and I think Gary and I were more nervous than she was!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Busy reader

Well, one of my New Year's resolutions is to catch up on my reading and stay caught up! Yeah, if I don't break this resolution it'll be a miracle! I have, at my last count, 20 books to either finish reading or begin reading. I just finished reading Pride and Prejudice: the graphic novel by Nancy Butler published by Marvel Comics. The illustrations are lovely and I was glad to see the author used the same language style in the comic as is in the novel. Sad to say, I bought another book at Wal-Mart yesterday while grocery shopping. I can't believe I had forgotten that Donna Fletcher's latest book The Highlanders Forbidden Bride was just released. It's the 4th and last book in the Sinclair brothers series.

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