Thursday, December 24, 2009


Wow, it has been a while since my last post.

Sophie graduated from puppy training this past Sunday! She could hardly sit still for a picture of her with her cap, but managed to get one. She starts intermediate training at the end of Jan. I think she's been doing pretty good with everything she has learned. Now if I could only get her fully potty trained! Any suggestions for an indoor pup?!

My Christmas break started last Friday...thank God! I don't think I could go much longer without a break! So far I haven't really had any time to rest with Gary and I having to here, there, and everywhere with errands. I'm hoping after Christmas things will slow down so I can at least rest a full day or two!

We're so ready for Christmas. I actually put up lights along the railing at my apt. I think it looks pretty. Naturally no one else really did anything. While the lights are pretty, I'm dreading taking them down! Tomorrow is going to be a bit difficult since we have to do Christmas at my place (where we are now), then go to my sister's house for presents and dinner, and then to Gary's brother's house for presents and more dinner, and we have to work on mom's laptop at Gary's place. Whew! I'll probably need a couple naps tomorrow!

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