Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

At the end of a sucky day of work, I decided to make myself a Beauty and the Beast coloring book. I've been looking in stores for one but I've only been able to find Princesses with all the lead Disney female characers in them. I've decided I'm going to spend the night watching Criminal Minds, reading on my Sony touch e-reader, and coloring...not necessarily in that order or all the same time ;) Also, some totally awesome news that almost had me squealing like a little school girl at my desk is Disney is releasing Beauty and the Beast in 3D in Feb.!!!! While I could care less what D it's in, I'm so excited I'll be able to finally buy the movie. FYI it has been off the shelves for a few years now and stupid expensive to buy online.

Sophie in school

Sophie started school weekend before last. This Sunday will be her 3rd lesson. The trainer is very impressed with her! She catches on to her training very quickly. So far, we've been working on look, sit, and lets go (walking on a leash on your left side). I haven't been able to practice with her too much this week because of company and Gary took home my clicker. When she performs her command, I click and she gets a treat. It's working without the clicker, but she does better with it because it's a clear indicator that she did well. Hopefully Gary and I can get caught up Friday and Saturday.

So so tired

Things have been pretty busy this week. Ida rolled in late Monday so we got Tuesday off. The weather wasn't so bad so mom and I went out for a bit. Wednesday was a busy day at work and home. I finally got caught up on some chores that I've had to put off for the past week because of company and going on a supposed double date.

Today was the icing on the cake kind of day. I was at work pretty much by myself today; my co-worker was out until a couple hours before the end of the work day. I had 2 classes of at least 28 students in the front of the library because the computer lab we reserve for teachers was still closed because of a leaky ceiling tile. I could have let the students use the lab, but I didn't want them to be in the way of maintenance nor have tile debris get all over the computers where the leak was. So, some students went into the 2nd lab without my knowledge. There was so much chaos it was hard to keep up with everything. I had to get students out of the 1st lab because, duh, the computers covered with bags wasn't a good enough clue to them that they couldn't use the lab. Common sense escapes some students. Students cannot be unsupervised anywhere in the school because it's a liability. I'm not about to have some angry momma call me about something that happened to their precious because I wasn't aware they were in an area they weren't supposed to be in.

Well, I had to get on to a couple students because they were on Myspace/Facebook. These and Youtube are no-no sites at our school. Because I'm doing my job, a female student decides to make sure I heard her say "close the door, the snitch is out there". By out there, she meant the 1st lab where I was hooking up the computers for the students and I was the only one in the lab. While I've been called worse, it was "me" that was getting called names. I'm really taking the snide comment to heart because it wasn't "me" she's complaining about, it's me doing my job. I'm a dammed good librarian. I take time for all my students. Lately, I have been loosing my cool more easily, but I'm so out of patience it's getting difficult to stay relaxed. I now understand how some teachers let cuss words slip! I'm not sure what to do. Should I just let it go or get those students together in a group and explain why Ms. Willey is a "snitch". What should I do?

Oh yeah, this little female needs to learn what a snitch is because I'm not telling anyone what they are doing, I'm simply trying to keep them off inappropriate websites. If I was a snitch, I would've wrote up the young man 4th pd for say cussing.

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