Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to work

We started work at the beginning of August...things have been interesting. Interesting and overwhelming. It's been non-stop textbooks and meeting teacher's demands. My student helpers have been a blessing! Really I wouldn't have been able to get anything done without them and the best part is they're excited to be able to help and want to help with the textbooks! We started checking out textbooks to the students yesterday and so far so good. I'm hoping things will calm down ability to handle stress still hasn't gotten any better since May.

I've also been getting stuff for my puppy. I found out last week I will be getting the girl puppy; her name is Sophie. I'm so excited and can't wait! I've been toying with the idea to getting another apartment, something larger, but I've decided to wait a bit longer to build back up my savings. I'm not stressing that; things will be as they should! :)

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