Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wish Me Luck

Yesterday something good and worrisome happened.

First, the worrisome part :) For a while, I wasn't worried about not having job security, but an acquaintance of mine pointed out that there's a possibility a few of our schools are going to be merged and there will be a few librarians in need of a library. Granted I have an English and Social Studies endorsement, but I'm not really qualified to teach since I've never taught (outside the library). So that got me thinking...we haven't gotten our contracts in and who's to say I won't be put in a classroom because of all the librarians in our district, I'm the 2nd to last in experience (5 1/2 years).

And that leads us to the good part. Because I was worried about my future, I started looking online a job postings and happened to call one in particular and Lady Luck smiled at me! An opening for a high school librarian will become open at the end of the school year. Yay! This is a great district and a level 5 school. I mailed my employment application today and hopefully it won't take long for an interview.

I'm not overly happy at my current job, but am content to stay on as a librarian. I love the people I work with and my students, but being close to my bf...and sister...would me a lot to me. Granted, I'll be further away from mom, but I think things will work out okay. If you pray, pray for me! If not, wish me luck! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

14 Days

How come it takes 14 days for things to work? Shampoo, yogurt, anti-wrinkle creams take 14 days for a change to happen. Hmm...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Drivers

My bf and I left mom's house in AL to come back to MS today. On our way, we stopped at Arby's for lunch. I was dreading stopping here because of the traffic. Arby's is on a 4 lane road with a center lane for turning. I'm a very courteous driver and I never assume anyone else is...too many bad experiences to think there are very many good drivers left in the world! Anyways, after we got our food and were leaving, naturally we had to wait for a break in traffic. There is a traffic light not far from where we were waiting and I assumed no one was going to leave a gap (the light was red) for us to get out and wouldn't you know it, I was proven wrong! The drivers in both lanes left us a gap to cross over. Granted this is no big thing to most people, but to me it is. It means that these people were thinking about someone other than themselves! To all of the safe and courteous drivers out there, thank you!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break Has Begun!

Spring Break has officially started! And how am I spending my first day off you ask? By washing clothes...and not even my clothes! LoL I'm helping my bf clean up his apt...he's asleep right now ;) ...so we can go to my place today, to go to my mom's tomorrow, so we can see Stomp Wednesday. I'm really hoping this will help bring his spirits up; he's been wanting to see the Broadway show for a long time.

I finished a couple books this past weekend so I have taken some time for myself. I guess today really ends "me" time. The rest of the week will include either my bf or my mom...or both :) I'm not complaining though! I'd rather be busy with family and busy and stressed at work!

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