Thursday, December 24, 2009


Wow, it has been a while since my last post.

Sophie graduated from puppy training this past Sunday! She could hardly sit still for a picture of her with her cap, but managed to get one. She starts intermediate training at the end of Jan. I think she's been doing pretty good with everything she has learned. Now if I could only get her fully potty trained! Any suggestions for an indoor pup?!

My Christmas break started last Friday...thank God! I don't think I could go much longer without a break! So far I haven't really had any time to rest with Gary and I having to here, there, and everywhere with errands. I'm hoping after Christmas things will slow down so I can at least rest a full day or two!

We're so ready for Christmas. I actually put up lights along the railing at my apt. I think it looks pretty. Naturally no one else really did anything. While the lights are pretty, I'm dreading taking them down! Tomorrow is going to be a bit difficult since we have to do Christmas at my place (where we are now), then go to my sister's house for presents and dinner, and then to Gary's brother's house for presents and more dinner, and we have to work on mom's laptop at Gary's place. Whew! I'll probably need a couple naps tomorrow!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

At the end of a sucky day of work, I decided to make myself a Beauty and the Beast coloring book. I've been looking in stores for one but I've only been able to find Princesses with all the lead Disney female characers in them. I've decided I'm going to spend the night watching Criminal Minds, reading on my Sony touch e-reader, and coloring...not necessarily in that order or all the same time ;) Also, some totally awesome news that almost had me squealing like a little school girl at my desk is Disney is releasing Beauty and the Beast in 3D in Feb.!!!! While I could care less what D it's in, I'm so excited I'll be able to finally buy the movie. FYI it has been off the shelves for a few years now and stupid expensive to buy online.

Sophie in school

Sophie started school weekend before last. This Sunday will be her 3rd lesson. The trainer is very impressed with her! She catches on to her training very quickly. So far, we've been working on look, sit, and lets go (walking on a leash on your left side). I haven't been able to practice with her too much this week because of company and Gary took home my clicker. When she performs her command, I click and she gets a treat. It's working without the clicker, but she does better with it because it's a clear indicator that she did well. Hopefully Gary and I can get caught up Friday and Saturday.

So so tired

Things have been pretty busy this week. Ida rolled in late Monday so we got Tuesday off. The weather wasn't so bad so mom and I went out for a bit. Wednesday was a busy day at work and home. I finally got caught up on some chores that I've had to put off for the past week because of company and going on a supposed double date.

Today was the icing on the cake kind of day. I was at work pretty much by myself today; my co-worker was out until a couple hours before the end of the work day. I had 2 classes of at least 28 students in the front of the library because the computer lab we reserve for teachers was still closed because of a leaky ceiling tile. I could have let the students use the lab, but I didn't want them to be in the way of maintenance nor have tile debris get all over the computers where the leak was. So, some students went into the 2nd lab without my knowledge. There was so much chaos it was hard to keep up with everything. I had to get students out of the 1st lab because, duh, the computers covered with bags wasn't a good enough clue to them that they couldn't use the lab. Common sense escapes some students. Students cannot be unsupervised anywhere in the school because it's a liability. I'm not about to have some angry momma call me about something that happened to their precious because I wasn't aware they were in an area they weren't supposed to be in.

Well, I had to get on to a couple students because they were on Myspace/Facebook. These and Youtube are no-no sites at our school. Because I'm doing my job, a female student decides to make sure I heard her say "close the door, the snitch is out there". By out there, she meant the 1st lab where I was hooking up the computers for the students and I was the only one in the lab. While I've been called worse, it was "me" that was getting called names. I'm really taking the snide comment to heart because it wasn't "me" she's complaining about, it's me doing my job. I'm a dammed good librarian. I take time for all my students. Lately, I have been loosing my cool more easily, but I'm so out of patience it's getting difficult to stay relaxed. I now understand how some teachers let cuss words slip! I'm not sure what to do. Should I just let it go or get those students together in a group and explain why Ms. Willey is a "snitch". What should I do?

Oh yeah, this little female needs to learn what a snitch is because I'm not telling anyone what they are doing, I'm simply trying to keep them off inappropriate websites. If I was a snitch, I would've wrote up the young man 4th pd for say cussing.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sophie and the amazing windup ladybug

Every morning I try to spend at least 30 minutes playing with Sophie before I go to work. This morning we were playing with kittykins (a jaguar stuffed animal) and after doing a few aerial acrobats, I decided to try something new. She was beside herself when we introduced her to her first squeaker toy so I figured she'd be blown away by a windup toy! Yeah, she proved my theory correct LoL There was barking, growling, excitement, and thievery! Yes, thievery. The sneaky lil pup took off with my toy when I had my back to her making sure she hadn't peed on the carpet. She has the quirky habit of planting her hind legs and stretching out with the front legs to investigate something. I guess she feels like she can hop away easier in that position...IDK. As long as it wasn't moving, she didn't have a problem with it :)

Jesus night light and Antiques Roadshow

While channel surfing last night I decided on settle on PBS and Antiques Roadshow. I haven't watched it in a long time and I'm now a renewed fan :D I am bummed though because the new touring schedule won't be up until January. I so want to go! My grandma gave me a Jesus night light that used to belong to my uncle. I can't decipher the manufactuer's stamp, but the night light is copyrighted 1957. I've looked online and can't find one that looks like mine. I doubt it's worth anything, but I'd like to know a little more about the company. If you've ever seen one like this, let me know!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cute as a button

A couple new pictures of Sophie...we got bored yesterday :)

She's been doing a little better with her potty training. She pees more frequently on the pee pad, but still needs work on where she poos. She is also an excape artist in training because she has gotten out of her safe area twice. But, the few days she did stay in it, I think, helped remind her where she is to potty.

My bf is visiting and this is the first time he's seeing her since she was newborn. His first words were "Wow, I didn't expect her to be this cute" :D After a couple hours, he was smitten!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our first weekend with Sophie

Mom and I went to Jackson, MS this past Sat. to pick up my new Mi Ki puppy, Sophie. She has been a joy!

Our first hurdle is potty training. She has been pee-pad trained by the breeder, and did fine her first day at my apt. I guess things have been so chaotic and she's getting adjusted to her new home, but the rest of the weekend she decided to potty on the carpet. It's not just one area, but where she deems appropriate to go. Today I'm dropping her off at a friends house to I can go to a potty training seminar at Petsmart. I praise her when she goes on the pad, but it's just not enough to keep her using the pad. So, I'm getting a spray to get rid of the sent in the carpet where she's already pottied and getting a spray to encourage her to potty where she's supposed to.
Sophie is almost 10 weeks old (this Fri.) and she's still learning about her new world. For example, she hasn't quite developed her sense of self...hence her 20 minutes of barking and yapping at her reflection in the glass pane of the t.v. stand.

She has a little bit of separation anxiety, but I think I'm handling it okay. Today is our first day apart so I left a shirt I intentionally wore a few days in her bed so my scent will be with her and keep her a little calm. I'm getting her some treats today to both reward her when she potties in the correct place and to give her a special treat when I come and go. This way she'll see my leaving and return as a good thing.

I'm trying to follow Victoria Stillwell's advice along with a few other trainer's advice I've read in a magazine on toy dogs. I haven't gotten too frustrated yet and I'm hoping I'll be able to keep calm and positive through out both of our learning experiences.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to work

We started work at the beginning of August...things have been interesting. Interesting and overwhelming. It's been non-stop textbooks and meeting teacher's demands. My student helpers have been a blessing! Really I wouldn't have been able to get anything done without them and the best part is they're excited to be able to help and want to help with the textbooks! We started checking out textbooks to the students yesterday and so far so good. I'm hoping things will calm down ability to handle stress still hasn't gotten any better since May.

I've also been getting stuff for my puppy. I found out last week I will be getting the girl puppy; her name is Sophie. I'm so excited and can't wait! I've been toying with the idea to getting another apartment, something larger, but I've decided to wait a bit longer to build back up my savings. I'm not stressing that; things will be as they should! :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Steam mop or Steam cleaner?

Well, with the onset of possibly getting a puppy, I've been in super cleaning and organizing mode. Needless to say, my apt. looks great! However, with a puppy, I want to make sure my home is clean...and stays that way. So with that, I need an opinion. Should I use a steam mop or a steam cleaner to keep my home clean in case of an oopise? I don't really have room for a steam cleaner but would like a deep down clean from a steam cleaner. Any suggestions?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Too high a price tag for a dog...

Well, things still aren't definite, but our apt. manager is supposed to talk to the apt. owners to see if they'll change their minds about tenants having a pet. Really, I don't see a problem and offered my suggestions for a set of criteria tenants have to meet before they're allowed to have a pet.

1.) must be a long term tenant
2.) must have and maintain a clean apt.; no write ups
3.) must pay rent on time; no write ups
4.) either allowed x amount of pets or x lb pet

I had previously approached the apt. manager about having a pet and she wished they would change their minds because she wanted a little dog that was already house trained. (see previous blog post). While the decision still hasn't been made, I've started looking (again) for a pet. For a while, I couldn't decided between a cat or a dog.

A cat would be great because they're independent, but I also don't have a lot of room for a litter box, scratch pat/post, etc. Plus, I'm away from home for work and a cat couldn't care less. A dog will require more attention so I'll have to be more active, which is great. I'll have to come home at lunch to take it out to potty. I'm not too thrilled with that, but I think it'll go ok. I'd have to modify my schedule more for a dog.

In the end, I decided on a dog. While it may get on the sofa, it wouldn't be on the counter or computer desk...or climbing the a cat would. I'll have to modify my schedule a little but I have everything worked out where my dog will be happy and well tended. Because I want a toy dog, [according to petsmart] it'll be okay to leave it in a crate while I'm at work.

The dog I decided on, with help from, is a Mi Ki. This is a rare breed, fairly new (1980), and is a mix of Papillon, Maltese, and Japanese Chin. When you look at the dog, you can clearly see all the breed qualities. This dog is great for city and apartment living, they're quiet, animal friendly, lapdogs, and very expensive. At first, I didn't think they would cost as much as they do, but locally, the cheapest I could find is $1500 for a male puppy. The females go for more because they are breeders and it's important to keep the pure quality of the breed. I don't intend to breed my dog but am thinking about showing it.

Again, I'm keeping in mind we most likely won't be able to have pets so I haven't gotten my hopes too far up LoL. I have contacted a couple breeders to get some info and I did let them know the situation with our apt. complex so there's no misunderstandings. I'm still torn about the price tag, but with the dog living up to 16 years and has great health, I will get my moneys worth in both that and the joy it'll bring to my life. Mom doesn't usual...her main concern being when I travel, but I have a small pool of friends and acquaintances I can pull from to dog sit for me if need be.

I was/am also considering a Maltese or Papillon but they have a few health problems; a Coton de Tulear looks promising too but maybe a bit too energetic for an apt. A small poodle would work too...but I'm not really a poodle person LoL All these breeds can go for $400 to $1000 depending on the lineage of the dog and how purebred it is. This is all very tiring and confusing! I'm hoping I'll have my mind made up soon.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Etiquette for typing in all caps

Do people still adhere to the Internet rule that typing in all caps is considered shouting? Most times I don't mind, but in public forums I don't agree with it. Check this website out for Internet etiquette.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Dyed my armor...finally

Well, after a few years of having my templar armor in Guildwars, I finally dyed it this morning. It's a nice shade of sky blue :) I was going to go with gold, but decided on something a little different.

This is my main character, Sephie Moon, in Shing Jea Monastery in Cantha during the Dragon Festival.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Catching up on my Reading

Well, maybe the title should be trying to catch up on my reading LoL I have a long list of books on my Shelfari site that I'm either still trying to finish or need to start. This past Friday was the last day of summer school so I have all of July to try to read & finish the books on my shelf. I'm currently reading Mountain Wild by Stacey Kayne, which is pretty good so far. It's the last in the Wild series, but for not having read the others it doesn't seem to play a factor in whether or not the reader knows what all is going on.

I've finally made a decision on a book that I'd like to read. I've decided I'm going to simplify my stories into a collection of short stories. Anne McCaffery's A Girl who heard Dragons is a great collection of sci-fi and fantasy and that's sort of what I'm aiming for. I've started a few stories many years ago and I think I'm not ready/experienced enough to write a full novel. I think this will be a good stepping stone. I've been thinking on how much I have or have not accomplished in my life thus far and I'm behind schedule! LoL I'm going to make this project my focus for the rest of this year.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Alright! I'm finally making cupcakes for my two tutoring students. We have 3 days left til the end of the program and we're going to take things a little easy the next few days :) Monday we watched a movie, today we didn't do too much, and I'm thinking we'll just go over capitalization and watch a movie to relate it to theme, tone, and mood. But, yeah, cupcakes...Mmmm. They're strawberry; I'm still debating whether or not to put the icing on them. What do you think?!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Weekend plans

I wasn't going into Waveland this weekend but have now changed my plans. I convinced Gary to come back to Pascagoula with me (yea!) so I'm taking him home tomorrow. I've decided we're going on a picnic at the beach. Granted I've misplaced my swimsuits, but shorts & tank will suffice. I got the idea from an acquaintance's blog and thought that would be great for us! We haven't done anything fun like that in a long time and it'd be great to change up our routine.

Update on Summer English Tutoring

Things have been going okay in tutoring. I have on average 2 students with a 3rd student who comes every now and then. Both of my students have been doing well and are pleasantly complacent. When I ask them what do they want to cover or if they have any questions, I always get a smile, shoulder shrug, and "no". I wish they'd be more vocal in what they think their needs are, but I can't complain because they do the work I give them without complain :) I've decided to (a while ago actually but haven't gotten around to it) make cup cakes for my students. While their moms may fuss at a sugary breakfast, they deserve a treat. Next Friday is our last day and while things have been going well, I need a break! Gary had a panic attack yesterday morning so I took the day off...and oh my goodness was it nice! Not the part about the panic attack, but the free time...sigh...yeah I so can't wait for my summer break to start! LoL

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer English Tutoring

Today is day 3 of Summer Enlish SATP tutoring. Yeah, this isn't what I was expecting. Day 1 I had 6 students, day 2 I had 3, and today I have 2. At first we all thought we were going to have students that needed to retake the English II state test. I think there are only 3 students that need help with that, the rest are either here because the basketball coach is making them come or because they just want extra help. I don't mind helping my students, but I'm a little fustrated with the amount of students in each class (mine is the smallest) and the lack of structure. I know I need to make my lessons more creative to help hold their interest, so that's my number 1 priority. I'm working on research skills with the other students that want it so they can do better on their Senior Project. I'm hoping things will improve soon.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Rough Start For Tuesday

Last night I went to bed early! Yay! I'm so proud...I didn't stay up watching t.v. Of course that could be in part due to the fact there was nothing interesting on cable last night ;) Well, I thought getting to bed would be a good start to the day because we have training today and tomorrow. Wrong! Getting up on time meant I had that much more time to deal with the termites that have yet again infested my apartment. Last year I had termites falling out of the light fixtures from the attic and this year they're back but a little early. The only good thing about the day so far is the turtle I picked up off the road. I'm really glad the car behind me didn't mind :) I'm hoping this will be the start of a better day!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

At Least I Tried

After calling a few times and patiently waiting for even longer, the principal's secretary finally called me back saying "the principal said she is not interviewing for a library position". So, there you have it, I will not be working at the job of my dreams LoL I guess I'm fine with me. So many of my students were upset that I was trying to leave that it's heartened me for another year. At least, in a small amount, I'm appreciated. Now, if only that Bahamas job would become available again...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wish Me Luck

Yesterday something good and worrisome happened.

First, the worrisome part :) For a while, I wasn't worried about not having job security, but an acquaintance of mine pointed out that there's a possibility a few of our schools are going to be merged and there will be a few librarians in need of a library. Granted I have an English and Social Studies endorsement, but I'm not really qualified to teach since I've never taught (outside the library). So that got me thinking...we haven't gotten our contracts in and who's to say I won't be put in a classroom because of all the librarians in our district, I'm the 2nd to last in experience (5 1/2 years).

And that leads us to the good part. Because I was worried about my future, I started looking online a job postings and happened to call one in particular and Lady Luck smiled at me! An opening for a high school librarian will become open at the end of the school year. Yay! This is a great district and a level 5 school. I mailed my employment application today and hopefully it won't take long for an interview.

I'm not overly happy at my current job, but am content to stay on as a librarian. I love the people I work with and my students, but being close to my bf...and sister...would me a lot to me. Granted, I'll be further away from mom, but I think things will work out okay. If you pray, pray for me! If not, wish me luck! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

14 Days

How come it takes 14 days for things to work? Shampoo, yogurt, anti-wrinkle creams take 14 days for a change to happen. Hmm...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Drivers

My bf and I left mom's house in AL to come back to MS today. On our way, we stopped at Arby's for lunch. I was dreading stopping here because of the traffic. Arby's is on a 4 lane road with a center lane for turning. I'm a very courteous driver and I never assume anyone else is...too many bad experiences to think there are very many good drivers left in the world! Anyways, after we got our food and were leaving, naturally we had to wait for a break in traffic. There is a traffic light not far from where we were waiting and I assumed no one was going to leave a gap (the light was red) for us to get out and wouldn't you know it, I was proven wrong! The drivers in both lanes left us a gap to cross over. Granted this is no big thing to most people, but to me it is. It means that these people were thinking about someone other than themselves! To all of the safe and courteous drivers out there, thank you!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break Has Begun!

Spring Break has officially started! And how am I spending my first day off you ask? By washing clothes...and not even my clothes! LoL I'm helping my bf clean up his apt...he's asleep right now ;) we can go to my place today, to go to my mom's tomorrow, so we can see Stomp Wednesday. I'm really hoping this will help bring his spirits up; he's been wanting to see the Broadway show for a long time.

I finished a couple books this past weekend so I have taken some time for myself. I guess today really ends "me" time. The rest of the week will include either my bf or my mom...or both :) I'm not complaining though! I'd rather be busy with family and busy and stressed at work!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Break and CBF = Early Out!

Whew...for a Tuesday today has been very busy...and stressful (naturally). BUT, I'm staying as positive as I can because I'm off work for the rest of the week so I can attend Children's Book Festival in Hattiesburg, MS (Judy Blume is going to be there!!!). After that little adventure, it'll be Spring Break. This year we get a week and a day for Easter. I have a lot of trips to squeeze in but I'm not too stressed because it's not work! Anything is better than work right now LoL Speaking of which, gtg!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I've Reached My Limit

I think today has just done me in. Really, it's not just today but it's everything that's been piling up. Here it is, summarized of course.

First, I've been early to work everyday this year except for maybe 3 times. Seriously, I really have been. My question is this: If I'm early everyday, then why am I always last to eat. I'm tired of feeling like I don't have any support until almost 8am (we have to be at work by 7:15am).

Then, my neighbor decided to steal the air valve cap off my tire because his was missing. Yeah, that one's a long story so I'll leave it for now.

And now, my boy friends best friend can't even take 5 minutes out of precious day to fillout the paperwork my boy friend needs to finish up some stuff for his disability. He suffers from extreme depression and panic/anixety disorder to which none of his medications are working. I mean, how hard is it to fill out a friggin form basically saying yeah, he needs help! OMG!

If my conference date and Spring Break doesn't hurry up and get here, I'm most likely going to a.) hurt something or b.) say something I'll probably (not really) regret later. Even though my vacation time is already tied up with a few trips, it's still better than dealing with problems and work.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blooming Amaryllis

After almost killing my amaryllis last winter, it's finally in bloom!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

To Read or To Sleep...that is the question.

I was able to return my book yesterday and I exchanged it for The Borrowed Bride by Elizabeth Lane...which turned out to be a great book! So, by the time I get home it was about 6pm and I decided to spend the rest of the evening reading. Yeah, by about 10pm I couldn't quite figure out why my vision was going blurry...but after checking the clock, it all made sense. So naturally, I thought "ok, 30 more min. then off to bed". Umm...yeah...11:30pm, I finished my book, got everything ready for work, and spent the next hour on the phone. Needless to say, I'm tired. I'm glad I got my new book and finished it so quickly because now I'm back to The Misted Cliffs. As of chapter 3, the book is pretty good.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Lucky Find

How lucky am I that I found this book on one of my book group shelves?! In the summer of '05, I went to the NECC conference and while sight seeing in PA with some friends, we went into a bookstore (of course!) and this book was on a table and and I thought "this looks interesting". Well, I didn't have the forethought to a.) write down the title or b.) take a picture because I very quickly forgot the title, etc. So, last week while randomly looking though the bookshelf on one of my book groups on Shelfari (which I hardly ever do), there it was! I was so ecstatic! Even more so when I found out our public library has a copy! I'm currently on chapter 2 and so far so good!

The Rewards of Eating Soup

My friend and I went to the mall this past weekend and I found a pretty decent book. Thankfully I've eaten all that soup the week before so I had some extra money to get a new book. Yes, a teachers salary is sucky, thank you ;) But, sadly, I must return said book. The printer messed up and several spots throughout the book are blacked out and as a book lover, this will not do! So, today I'm off to return the book, get a (different) new book, and get more waffle fries!

Oh, the book is called The Earl's Untouched Bride by Annie Burrows. It was pretty good; I'm glad I read it. Throughout the story I kept thinkings the characters really need to get over themselves, but it wasn't bad. The story focused on the two main characters developing their feelings for each other, but I think if the author added a little more danger in the mix, they story would have been a little more intersting. But all in all, it was a good story, fairly original, and well developed characters.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

This morning I had a very important decision to make. Did I want Subway for lunch and spend $6+ for lunch or should I bring a can of soup for lunch? My decision was based on if I wanted to go to the bookstore this weekend. Because if I got Subway, then I couldn't buy a new book. If I ate the soup, then I could. When your life revolves around a teacher salary your life is full of these seemingly ridiculous decisions. So, I ate soup and my friend and I are going to the bookstore tomorrow. There aren't any books I need to buy right now...but I ate the soup just in case I come across something interesting! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

E-Book Reader

Even though I hardly get any page hits, I'm hoping that the random person who comes across this post will be able to help me out.

I've been wanting to buy an e-book reader for some time now, but can't make up my mind between Amazon's Kindle or Sony's e-reader. I'd rather get consumer input before I buy so if you have one or know someone who does, can you offer any input? Thanks!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Howl's Moving Castle

So the other day in my Fairly Tale book group, I suggested Howl's Moving Castle as a recommedation for a group read. I got a reply stating that while this is a good book, it may not fit the fairy tale theme (paraphrased). I'm trying to work up the nerve to correct this person...but I'm not sure if I should or even how to go about doing so. If you haven't seen the movie you should! This story is basically a reverse Beauty and the Beast story and the story is full of witches, magic, spells, fire demons, etc. How does this NOT fit "fairy tale"?!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Working on Origami

My Literary Club and I have been busy making Origami flowers to sell as our fundrasier and we've been doing a lot better than expected...with both our sales and our skill at folding paper. I find it funny that some of us get fustrated with a simple piece of paper trying to make it do what we want.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another one for Missississippi

Well, not only is MS the fattest state we now lead the nation is highest teen pregnancies...yay...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A little dream come true!

Aside from feeling crappy all day because of a UTI, today ended up being a great day because I finally received my copy of Beauty and the Beast by Marianna Mayer!!! "Why am I so excited over a picture book" you ask? Simple. Because it's one of the most beautifully illustrated versions of B&B and it's also out of print!

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